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2022 in 12 photos

2022 is coming to an end, so here’s my year-end tradition of posting 12 photos, one for every month of the year that has just passed.

January: The last link to Nee Soon’s agricultural past.

February: The last of Boh Sua Tian.

March: Sunset on an abandoned road.

April: Reviving a lost tradition.

May: Searching for calm.

June: In pursuit of roadside gods.

July: A school gone silent.

August: A tribute to a dying industry.

September: Receiving the Nine Emperor Gods.

October: A dragon to send off the Nine Emperor Gods.

November: My parents are together again.

December: Tracing a fragment of railway history.

See 2020 and 2021’s photos here and here.


Here’s to a better 2023.


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