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2020 in 12 photos

In 2017, I started a year-end tradition of posting 12 photos, one for every month of the year that had just passed. For 2020, I’ll be posting the photos on my website blog for the first time.

So, here are 12 photos for the 12 months of 2020:

January: Facing the sunset.

February: Forest tracks.

March: New line, old building.

April: When the streets emptied.

May: When the streets remained empty.

June: When the grass grew wild.

July: Retracing railway tracks from a hundred years ago.

August: May the gods be fair and just.

September: The last of Jurong Road.

October: The end of a road.

November: Off the beaten path.

December: Searching for my heritage.


What will 2021 bring?


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