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Track 7 Mandai Road

Track 7 Mandai Road is the only named track in Singapore with an expressway flyover - Seletar Expressway’s Upper Seletar Flyover - built over it.

This is at the junction with Mandai Road.

Upper Seletar Flyover over the track.

Walking in... the usual single-lane dual carriageway, with no pavements or curbs at the sides, just grass.

A little bridge over a canal that drains into Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Track 7 in 1991, while the Seletar Expressway was still under construction. It is on the left of the map, next to Seletar Reservoir Park.

Track 7 as of last year.

Base picture credit: Google Maps.

The map above reveals why a flyover was specially constructed over the track, instead of expunging the track altogether, as was the fate of so many tracks before it.

Track 7 is needed for access to these sites: Upper Seletar Reservoir and the park by its shores, Mandai Executive Golf Course, and the Nee Soon 500m Range.

And that’s why Track 7 has survived to the present.


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