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Putting together a train jigsaw

Tiak and I purchased a jigsaw puzzle with a difference - it’s one of the Singapore MRT and LRT system!

This map will be accurate up to 2026, with the completion of the Thomson-East Coast Line and Stage 6 of the Circle Line. 2027 will see the rollout of the Jurong Region Line, which is not on the map.

There are 1,000 pieces in this puzzle.

The first two pieces I connected - labels for the Downtown and Thomson-East Coast lines.

The natural process was to connect pieces according to the colours of the MRT lines. It was fun trying to recall the positions of stations from memory, instead of referring to the map provided.

I told Tiak to pass me pieces containing the LRT stations and names, for me to put together the Sengkang and Punggol LRT lines.

The western part of the MRT map coming together.

Good progress after a couple of hours!

We foresee it will only get harder from here - there are a lot of white pieces.


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