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Moving Dakota Crescent

“If we’re interested in building a strong society with tight-knit communities, we should be paying special attention to the way we preserve and rebuild communities if we have to move them.”

A CNA Insider article on the impact of relocation on Dakota Crescent’s senior citizens.

Credit: Channel NewsAsia.

A sober reminder that when urban resettlement takes place, it is lives - not digits on a spreadsheet - that are irrevocably affected.

And the little things do matter - like the negative effect of not having the original community centre move with the elderly to the new site, or not catering a large enough void deck for gatherings and funerals, or failing to take into account how a simple 10-minute walk to key amenities can be a monumental challenge for an 80-year-old with weak legs.

As Singapore ages in both infrastructure and population, more old estates will undergo redevelopment and resettlement, and more senior citizens will have to uproot and move. Hopefully, the authorities will learn from the mistakes made at 52 Cassia Crescent.


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