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Milestone Rapid Transit

A Reddit user, EconomicSanction - no doubt a history and transport buff - crafted this excellent map: Singapore’s old road milestones (which were phased out in the 1970s), plotted on a present-day map of the island, in the form of MRT stops; each “stop” is named after a place name or landmark found there. Great job!

Credit: EconomicSanction.

This map is a vivid illustration of how Singapore’s old trunk road system has been rendered obsolete by the expressway system, and dismantled by islandwide urban renewal - something that’s covered in my book Jalan Singapura. The “stops” remind us of communities and places that have been lost to development - Ama Keng, Hong Kah, Nee Soon, Tongkang Pechah, Kampong Gulega, and so on. And these are just places at every mile mark - there are others at ½-mile marks, and ¼-mile marks...

Ama Keng Village in 1986. Credit: National Archives of Singapore.


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