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Long-Term Plan Review Phase 2

Dedicated this morning to taking part in a public engagement session (on Zoom) organised by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), part of a year-long consultation exercise for their Long-Term Plan Review (LTPR). The LTPR is a review of Singapore’s long-term land use plans.

Around 110 of us were divided into groups for breakout sessions, and I was assigned to Group 1, which explored ways and means for Singapore’s built environment to be more inclusive.

Some ideas I shared during the session:

1. Convert open-air carparks in older housing estates into community plazas.

2. Pedestrianise more under-utilised roads in towns, and convert them into civic spaces.

3. Develop “dead” spaces below expressway flyovers.

Some of them could be converted into bus terminals for intra-expressway bus services which can offer a fast connection between towns.

4. New neighbourhoods to incorporate housing blocks of varying heights - 40 storeys, 10 to 15 storeys, two to four storeys.

5. For each housing estate, organise regular migrant worker appreciation nights for residents and migrant workers to bond over meals - a small way to thank the people responsible for maintaining the estate.

Everyone was given ample opportunities to share, and the session was well facilitated. In all, it was a fruitful morning, and I felt I had done my duty as a concerned citizen.

URA’s summary of the results of the session:

Here’s hoping more government agencies similarly engage us with regards to long-term plans - after all, these plans affect each and every one of us who share this island we call home.


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