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Dover Forest East

In a previous post, I explored a brief history of Dover Forest. Recently, I walked the ground and checked out Dover Forest East, successfully finding a path through the forest.

Here is a map of the route I took, in light blue:

Views of Dover Forest East from atop the blocks of Ghim Moh Edge.

Great views of the East West Line too.

From the flats of Ghim Moh Edge, I ventured onto the Ulu Pandan Park Connector, which runs next to the canalised Sungei Ulu Pandan. As I walked down the park connector, I tried to find a way into the forest. The undergrowth was thick with grass and shrub, with vegetation exceeding my height, so I had to look carefully.

Then, around 500 metres from Ghim Moh Edge, I found it - a faint path leading up the slope into the woods.

I climbed up the slope and saw that the path led into the woods.

This was a hiker’s path through Dover Forest East, marked out by either red and white tape, or white tape. It looked like it had been used for years.

The path roughly ran east to west, parallel to the park connector. I headed east for a short while, reaching a makeshift bridge over a still stream.

I decided not to risk crossing the bridge and destroying it in the process, so I turned and headed west instead. I stayed on a westerly course for the rest of the way.

From the park connector, the forest looked thick and impregnable, but once on the path, the undergrowth was quite manageable. It wasn’t thick at all, the tape was a handy guide forward, and if I followed my compass, there was no chance of losing my way. In terms of hiking and pathfinding abilities required, they were “amateur”.

Just follow the path...

Some trees looked like they had stood for decades.

Totoro’s seat?

A final bash through a thick patch of grass, and I was out! I emerged at the covered walkway connecting Dover MRT Station to the private estate of Holland Grove.

The station, opened in 2001, is a futuristic landmark looming over the walkway and a large, open field, which serves as a buffer between Dover Forest West and Dover Forest East.

A stream cut the field in two. To the left was Dover Forest West; to the right, Dover Forest East.

A woman was playing with her dogs in the open space; my guess was that she was a nearby resident. I wonder for how long more she’ll get to enjoy the natural greenery.

Next time: Dover Forest West.


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