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Daffodil Snack Bar

Chanced upon this shuttered shop on the second floor of the Fook Hai Building, an ageing complex completed in 1976 at the junction of South Bridge Road and Upper Hokien Street. The shop is called Daffodil Snack Bar.

I love the old signboards.

A check on the name of the shop reveals that it was registered on 16 September 1976, around the time the Fook Hai Building opened.

There are two possibilities:

1. The shop opened here in 1976;

2. It opened somewhere else, then moved here later with the signboards.

Unfortunately, according to the same corporate profile, the business’ operating status was cancelled in 2017. I guess since then, no tenant has taken up the space.

Gone too soon, and when will the rest of the building follow?


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