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Before the move

Come 6 December, Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange - next to Jurong East MRT Interchange - will close and shift to a nearby site.

This will be the third version of a bus interchange in the Jurong East area.

Jurong East Bus Interchange first opened in 1985, directly north of the MRT station, which opened three years later. The bus interchange was at the junction of Jurong East Street 12 and Boon Lay Way.

The area around Jurong East MRT Interchange in 1991. Jurong East Bus Interchange was to its north.
An aerial view of Jurong East Bus Interchange sometime before 2011, facing west. Credit: Urban Redevelopment Authority.

The interchange served the area for 26 years, until 2011, when it moved to the present site on the other side of the MRT interchange.

The land freed up by the move allowed for the construction of the condominium complex J Gateway, Westgate, and Jurong East Mall, otherwise known as Jem. Most of Jurong East Street 12 was expunged for these landmarks, and the part of Jurong East Street 13 serving the new temporary bus interchange was renamed Jurong Gateway Road.

The area around Jurong East MRT Interchange in 2020. Credit:

After 6 December, the site of the temporary bus interchange will be redeveloped for the Jurong Region Line and an Integrated Transport Hub, which should be completed by 2027. This means the third version of Jurong East Bus Interchange will last just seven years.

Today, I visited the temporary bus interchange to take pictures of the place before it moves.

Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange has seven boarding berths, B1 to B7.

Credit: Land Transport Guru.

Tower Transit, the anchor operator of the bus interchange which falls under the Bulim Bus Package, has put up signs in the interchange and stickers on its buses announcing the impending move “across the road”.

What I love about bus interchanges is the continuous movement of buses and passengers. Buses pull in, passengers disembark or board, they move out. The activity never stops.


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