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A hidden milestone

As I was travelling along Upper Serangoon Road on a bus, I spotted this little piece of transport heritage:

The sign along Upper Serangoon Road (left).

This electrical substation (I assume it is one, please correct me if I am mistaken) between Jalan Naung and Jalan Payoh Lai in Hougang town is still named “UPP SERANGOON 7 MS”, referring to the former 7th Milestone of Upper Serangoon Road. This harks back to when Singapore used milestones, not kilometres, to measure road distances, a practice that ceased in the 1970s. I guess the substation was installed before then, and there was no incentive to rename it since.

The historic region of Au Kang - which later became Hougang, after it was pinyin-ised - used to be from the 5th to the 7th milestones of Upper Serangoon Road. I’m glad that this sign has survived as a humble marker of the original location of Au Kang. For now.


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