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7th Lunar Month: Tian Shou Tang Lu Zu Gong

Visited the Tian Shou Tang Lu Zu Gong (天寿堂吕祖宫) at 9 Lorong 25 Geylang today. The Hakka temple was crowded with devotees conducting prayers, paying respects, and making offerings of food, joss sticks, and paper products. A lot of life and activity.

I chatted with several temple volunteers. Day 12 of the 7th Lunar Month (today, 9 August) is one of their key prayer dates, because it was set by the master (shi fu) of the present abbess.

I was fascinated by the unique paper products which were continuously put to the fire. “Trees” of money, “waterfalls” of gold and silver, bags of clothes - all to be burned to one’s loved ones in another realm, a fulfilment of duty.

A very meaningful visit to a historic temple.

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