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Teo Kah Seng II

It has been a week since I found my paternal grandfather’s “lost” grave in Kopi Sua. Today, Tiak, my dad and brother, and I cleaned his grave.

We came prepared, with jugs of water, a broom, scrubs, and a toothbrush. We swept and scrubbed, and watched years, maybe even decades, of moss and muck disappear!

The result was stunning!



Now, many words carved on the grave which were previously indecipherable, can be read again.





The four characters can be seen now: From right to left, “Bai Zi Qian Sun”, or “A Hundred Children, A Thousand Grandchildren” - a blessing upon my grandfather’s descendants, which I guess means a blessing upon me too.

Intricate ornamental carvings on the sides of the grave appeared after the scrubbing:

This phrase, part of a couplet, reads “Qing Shan Zang Ji Di”, or “The Green Hills Harbour Auspicious Lands”.

I hope you’re feeling good, Ah Gong! From now on, your grandson will visit you and clean your grave often.


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