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Mobility in Singapore: A Brief History

Today, I was invited to give a talk to the Intelligent Transportation Society Singapore (ITS Singapore), a society uniting stakeholders from the public and private sectors with interests in transport and transport infrastructure.

For around 30 minutes, I shared about the history of mobility in Singapore over 200 years, in seven parts. Topics covered included the Raffles Town Plan, urban transformation over the last 50 years, the impact of modes of transport such as the rickshaw, motor car, and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), and transport lessons to be learned from history. Much of the material was taken from my book, Jalan Singapura: 700 Years of Movement in Singapore.

That was followed by a flurry of questions from the floor, good questions that got me thinking about long-term transport visions for Singapore, and how we - both the authorities and the public - can achieve them together.

Thank you for having me, ITS Singapore!

(The photo on the slide is of a Keppel Bus Company Bedford bus, licence plate S7618, sometime in the late 1940s to early 1950s.)


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