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Eisen Teo


Historian. Author. Content Creator.
About Me

About Me

The struggle of man against power
is the struggle of memory against forgetting
- Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

I am a historian, author, content creator, and curator.

I am a Senior Researcher at Singapore History Consultants Pte Ltd,
a Singapore-based heritage consultancy;

the Chief Curator of Hell’s Museum,

a museum inside Haw Par Villa, a historic cultural park in Singapore;
and the author of Jalan Singapura: 700 Years of Movement in Singapore.

In my free time, I engage in history research,
urban exploration, an
d transport studies.

As a Singaporean, I believe it is my duty to lay claim to my country’s rich heritage, narrativise it, uncover its many silences, and conserve it for future generations.

All views expressed in this website are my own.



I share about my research and thoughts on history, transport, and urban studies,

and snippets of my life experiences.

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